NBA Finals 2013: A Ring-Turned-To-Stone For Spurs?

I can't remember when I stopped sleeping. Was it game 6 or was it after the most awaited game 7 came to an end? My brain is so fried that it can no longer remember. One thing I know is that I haven't been sleeping since yesterday. I guess I have to lay down all my thoughts regarding the series right here.

First off, I have been rooting for San Antonio Spurs ever since I can remember. I didn't even bother watching the 2012 Finals after their demise against Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference. After they were able to dominate the Western Conference this year, I thought that we are in for a spectacular series especially if it's against the defending champions, Miami Heat.

It was a long series. Long enough that it reached the 7th game. The most heart-stopping game for me and maybe for most of the people out there would be game 6. I mean, the Spurs are only seconds away from the championship title and yet unexpected turn-of-events happened. Then a lot of "what-ifs" were formulated:

  • What if Kawhi Leonard didn't miss one of his free throws?
  • What if Ray Allen wasn't able to bank that three-pointer?
I just find these stuff annoying because I don't see the point of imagining what could have happened/what could have been done when the results are already clear. It's like their saying that the member shouldn't have existed in the first place. Without Leonard, I don't think Spurs will be able to reach where they are now. To incinerate things up were those hateful comments regarding those turnovers made by Manu Ginobili.  Give the guy a break guys, he too also contributed somehow to the team's points. I mean, they are a team. One could not work without the other. You have to admit it, the team is known to share the spotlight with its members. It's just that, things happen.

Everything that happened disheartened me, no doubt. But I don't blame their loss to the members' shortcomings. It's just that the opposing team were able to out play the Spurs. I just hope Tim Duncan <3 will be able to get over his frustration regarding his missed layup shot on game 7. Watching how he slapped the floor after the miss made me felt his frustration too. My hopes are still up for next year! Go SPURS Go!!!

Here's a clip where Duncan let out his frustrations by slapping the floor:

Ragnarok Online Signature Generator

Do you want a cool Ragnarok-based forum signature without the hassle of opening up Photoshop or other image-editing software? You don't need to fret because Rune-Nifelheim has the solution for you!

All you need to do is click this link:

and you will be directed to their online signature generator.

Here are the steps in creating the signature (You can click on the images to get a better view) :

First step would be to choose the gender. In my case, I chose Female.

Next step would be to choose the job that you want. I have chosen the Archbishop.

Next step would be the hair style and hair color. Guess what I am picking. :)

Don't forget to finish your get up with headgears! 

Top Head gears

Other Head gears

After picking your head gears, it's time to move on to the Create Signature tab. Choose your desired background from the drop-down menu.

Below the first selection would be the Font drop-down menu and you can select which font would you prefer on using.

Then, you can type in your name or any words that you want to be included in you signature.


Voila! You now have a personalized signature with those easy steps! Don't forget to save it, okay? :)

What do you think? Neat huh? ;) The website also offers forum avatar creation.


The SMX Convention Center is all set as one of the biggest rock bands are going to perform on stage. Powered by PULP Live World, Bazooka Rocks II is made possible. Now on its second year, the event provides an indoor, safe and air conditioned experience for people while rocking out to head-banging music.

International acts include: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Anberlin, We Came as Romans, Tonight Alive, Radio Drive By, A Rocket To The Moon and my personal favorite band, UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ. The main act would be done by All Time Low. Local bands like Mad Hatter Day, Penguin and Save Me Hollywood would also showcase what they got.

Personally, I am looking forward to the event since I like the line up of the bands. I also heard that A Rocket To The Moon is already breaking up and Bazooka Rocks II is the last gig that they are going to do together.
Organizers also included perks which is made available for purchase such as a Fast Pass which allows you to  meet and greet the band that you like.

For other details you may want to click the following links:



I Won A Magic Mug!

It was one beautiful morning of the 6th of May when I tuned in to a morning radio program called "The Breakfast Club" hosted by DJ Rod Rodriguez and Pinky. Rod shared his usual weird news about of course, NEWS that is WEIRD! :D They were bashing the 2012 movie remake of "Les Miserables." Then they have this portion called "GUESS THE CELEB on THE BREAKFAST CLUB!" The contest only needs you to name the funky-fied celebrity posted on their Facebook page. The first correct answer wins a mug! 

Just two seconds after DJ Pink posted the picture, I then posted my answer. The actress was of course, Julia Roberts. Two days after, I sneaked out of my office to visit them in their radio booth to claim the prize. I was also able to convince them in signing my mug. Rod also was being generous and gave me a fan. Here they are:

Happy Birthday Papa!

7th of April- this is my father's birthday. This year, I drew him a picture of pokemons Snorlax and Munchlax.
I really had a hard time coming up with a gift piece for him because I am busy from work. I filed for a leave on the 5th of April for me to have enough to draw something. Sadly, my request for the leave got denied due to a high need of manpower at the office. 
On the birthday itself, I woke up as early as 1 am to start patching things up. I even ignored my mother telling me to peel some vegetables for the birthday banquet. (I'm sorry mom.)
Here's what I came up with. Though, things are rough and needs polishing, I decided to upload this on facebook for my father to see. :) Again, Happy Birthday Papa! :)

My Addiction to Plants vs. Zombies' Survival: Endless

Last year, I was addicted to the PopCap Games' Plant's vs Zombies. I recently felt like playing it so I opened the game which was installed on my laptop.

It first started with the loading screen:
After it fully loads, you need to click on the button to start playing.
Once inside the game, you need to create a profile first which is at the top left corner of the screen.Then click on Survival.
Please note that you need to finish playing the Adventure mode first to unlock all other game modes, including the Survival: Endless mode. Once completed, you can click on the icon. This is when I noticed that already reached 348 flags. Flags is also another term for rounds. 

Here is a screen capture of my game, dying a gruesome zombie death. :D

My Fascination For Nail Art!

I love nail art. As much as possible, I'll have them changed every 2 weeks. The pictures above shows my first two nail arts. They were done way back May of 2012. The left one is my favorite creation so far. Why? Because not only it is my first nail art ever, it has a lot of small details. During that time, I have not came across a nail art brush yet. Yes, they were made using the normal nail polish brush and what most resourceful people I know use, the toothpick! :D I am satisfied of the outcome and made me feel a sense of accomplishment. 

I am looking forward to share more of my works here. Recently, I landed a job and I no longer have time to do my own nails. :)